Tim Berrier, CEO / Architect ? Founder

Tim is a self-motivated and technical/business systems architect with a proven track record in information technology, business analysis, application development, data architecture, ITIL, scrum/agile, and project management. Proven leader with experience managing vendors, and resources both onshore and offshore.


Waylon Kelly, Architect

Waylon is a relentless team leader whose scope spans over a decade of technical implementation, integration and consulting success. A true problem solver and innovator with technical and client facing expertise. His immense skill set provides organizations with the framework for unparalleled success on the platform.


Laura Jones, Senior Consultant

Laura is driven by a desire to do things better, faster and cheaper. An experienced and proactive leader with strengths in process creation, process implementation, communications and problem solving. Her project management background is a key asset for all our clients.


Eric Cade, Consultant

Eric possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills; a team player, talented in problem solving and driving business goals. A leader in the eCommerce space before making a switch to Salesforce.

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